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Related post: B. Male inflorescence C. Male flower D. Female flower E. Inf ructescence Bar scale 2 cm 2 cm 1 mm 1 mm 1 cm - 101 - MAP 15 - Geographic distribution of Jateorhiza palmata M It - 103 - 1. BOTANICAL NAME: Jatropha curcas L. FAMILY: Euphorbiaceae COMMON NAMES: Physic nut, Pig nut; Aboroto, Nkrangyedua (Twi, Ashanti); Adadzi (Fante) 2. ECOLOGY AND DISTRIBUTION Jatropha curcas is not native to Africa; it is believed to have been introduced Cheap Accutane Online from America into Africa and cultivated by Buying Accutane Online the Portuguese. It is now widespread throughout the tropics and can Accutane Online Pharmacy be found in many tropical African countries, ranging from West Africa to East and Southern Africa (see distribution map). It is Accutane Online Buy very tolerant and thrives under a wide range of climatic and edaphic conditions. It is best suited to areas with a rainfall not below 1000mm per annum and Q temperatures not exceeding 40 Accutane Cost With Insurance C. It is How Much Does Accutane Cost very drought tolerant. In Ghana Jatropha is usually used for fencing homes and gardens. Occasionally the tree is seen in villages and cemetries. It is never found in the high forest. 3. DESCRIPTION Monoecious shrub or small tree up to 6(-8)m high; bark pale brown, papery, peeling Buy Accutane From Canada slash exudes a copious watery latex, soapy to tough but soon becoming brittle Buy Accutane Cheap and brownish when dry; branches glabrous, ascending, stout. Leaves alternate, palmate, petiolate, stipulate; stipules minute; petiole 2-20cm long, blade 3-5(-7)- lobed, 12.5-18cm long, 11 -16cm wide, lobes acute or shortly acuminate at the apex, margins entire Purchase Accutane Online or undulating, leaf base deeply cordate, glabrous or only pubescent on Accutane Order Online the nerves below, basal nerves 7-9, prominent, venation reticulate. Inflorescence of pedunculate cymes 3-12cm long, peduncle l-7cm long; flowers numerous, greenish yellow. Male flowers with articulate pedicel, sepals elliptic, 4- 5mm Buy Accutane Canada long, petals elliptic-lanceolate, 6-8mm long, stamens 8-10; female flowers with sepals Accutane Order up to 18mm long, persistent; ovary 3-locular, ellipsoid, 1.5-2mm diameter, style 2-fid. Fruit an ellipsoid capsule 2.5-3cm long, 2-3cm in diameter, yellow turning black. Seeds 1 per cell, ellipsoid, triangular-convex, 1.5-2cm long, Accutane Price With Insurance 1-1. 1cm wide. The plant sheds it leaves during the dry season but is never completely deciduous. In Ghana the flowering period is generally between Buy Accutane Uk April and May but may vary with some plants. The fruiting period is likewise variable but generally between July and August. 4. ESTABLISHED MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL USES The seeds yield valuable oil and various parts of the tree are widely used for medicinal and other purposes. (Check list of the Gold Coast, p. 46 - Forestry Department Gold Buy Cheap Accutane Online Coast (Ghana). The seeds owe their purgative property to the oil they contain (31-37 per cent). In Gabon 1-2 roasted seeds are sufficient to act as a purgative, if larger Buy Cheap Accutane doses are used they may prove to be dangerous and act as an irritant poison (Walker, 1953). The seeds were formerly exported from the Cape Verde Islands to Portugal and the "curcas" or purging oil from them is a drastic purgative. It is an ingredient in the oily extract known in Hausa as "Kufi" which Buy Accutane Online Cheap is used as a rubifacient for rheumatism and for Cost Of Accutane With Insurance parasitic skin conditions (Dalziel, 1937). The seeds have been substituted for castor oil and are sometimes called larger - 104 - castor oil. The minimum fatal dose is unknown as recovery is reported after the eating of as many as 15-20 seeds. The seeds resemble groundnuts in flavour and 15-20 seeds eaten at Somanya (Ghana) caused half an hour of griping, purging and vomiting (Irvine, 1961). The oil from Price Accutane the seeds is used in Java to stimulate hair growth and the poisonous resin is carried off in the oil during pressing. The oil therefore has vesicant properties (Dalziel, 1937). The juice of the flowers has numerous medicinal uses (Aubreville, 1936). A leaf decoction (O.lOg. /litre of water) is diuretic (Kerharo and Bouquet, 1950). 5. FOLK MEDICINAL USES The seeds crushed and boiled with cereal pap are given to cause purgation in "ascites" etc. or 3-4 seeds roasted in ashes and mixed with natron or extract of wood ashes are taken with water or milk for the same purpose. In the treatment of "syphilis" the seeds are crushed and mixed with cereal food and left to ferment for 2 Online Pharmacy Accutane nights (Dalziel, 1937) The juice or latex is applied directly to cuts and wounds as styptic and also applied to carious teeth; mixed with salt, it is rubbed on the teeth to clean them (Dalziel, (1937)
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